Amazon Advertising and PPC (Pay per Click) Services

Amazon PPC Services

Increase visibility and sales on Amazon with targeted advertising

Amazon is the most profitable plat to sale products. Amazon sponsored ads are an effective way to show your products in-front of the right customers and ensure that your products are visible on the first page of the amazon search results. It typically takes many months to have your products show in the Amazon results organically. With Amazon PPC you can show your products immediately. Amazon sellers can bid on search terms, set up campaigns, track results and much more with Amazon PPC ads.

Managing ppc campaigns on Amazon can be extremely complicated. You need advanced knowledge and technology to compete in today’s competitive environment. Don't worry, we have that to help you maximize your Amazon campaigns.

Amazon PPC Management Services Included:

Audit Your Current PPC Campaigns:

We will review, optimize, and expand upon your existing PPC campaigns to ensure that we keep only the best of what is already in place, eliminating preexisting wasteful ad spend.

Listing Optimization:

We will review your listing and back end data and make recommendations to improve your conversions.

Campaign Optimization:

Ongoing optimization is the key to lower ACoS and higher ROI. We’ll optimize your bids and budgets to ensure you’re spending every ad budget wisely, and perform ongoing search term optimization to locate and remove unprofitable terms.

Keyword Research & Expansion:

We’ll use a variety of resources to determine the hottest keywords for your products, along with competitor analysis, reverse ASIN searches, and more.

Create a PPC Negative Keyword List:

Using negative keywords within your Amazon PPC account is essential to success. Negative keywords let you exclude search terms from your campaigns. This feature allows you to focus on only the keywords that matter to converting prospects into customers. Negative keywords also help you achieve a better overall ROI.

Review Search Term Reports for New Ideas:

We will research the profitable search terms buried deep within your campaigns to discover which search terms are connecting with your prospects. We’ll then convert them into keywords and begin bidding on them.

Create a PPC Bidding Strategy:

The Amazon PPC bidding system lets you modify your bids only on queries that are most likely to lead to conversions. The Amazon PPC platform analyzes thousands of keyword/ad auctions and ensures that your Ads meet a certain criteria. Typically the platform will show your ads based off of your Max CPC bid and ad relevance.

Result-Driven Services:

Each month, you will receive a detailed progress report that identifies key performance metrics and gives you an easily understandable rundown of how your account is doing.

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